Preferred Services

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Insurance Billing

✓   Claim Submission

✓   Post Insurance Checks and EFTs

✓   Make Proper Adjustments 

✓   Immediate Response to Denials

✓   Resubmission When Necessary

✓   Insurance AR Management

✓   Provide Additional infor

✓   Submit Requested Pre-Auths


Patient AR


✓   Send Accurate Statements 

✓   Follow Up Collection Calls

✓   Patient AR Management

✓   Improve Cash Flow

✓   Never Be The "Bad Guy" Again

✓   Pleasant and Efficient Calls 

✓   Lower AR, Collect Your Money


**Patient AR management is an add on service for practices utilizing our insurance billing service

No Set-Up Or Installation Fees!

Affordable Pricing For All Practices!

Your One Stop Collections Shop!

What We Bring To Your Team


 Think of our Billing Specialist as hiring an OUTSTANDING Assitant to your great Practice Manager. However, she is paid based on how much money she makes you, and NEVER request PTO or uses sick leave. Your Preferred Billing Specialist also doesn’t require medical insurance,  removes the threat of embezzlement, and NEVER has to go home early!


Outsourcing your dental billing needs with Preferred Dental Services promises to be of greater value to your practice than hiring another employee.

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What Our Dentists Say

"In the course of one year Angela helped me raise my office production by $750,000 and helped lower my AR to less than 4% of over 60 days outstanding.  I would recommend her to any Dentist I know!”

-Chad Whiting DDS,
Canyon Rim Dental